Jasmine Ng

I’m Jasmine, an Interaction Designer. I have an eye for details and I love challenges and pushing myself to overcome adversity. I believe there’s no limit and everything is possible.


Interaction Design

User-Centered Design

Web Design


Web Development


This application allow you to plan your own trip and find people to go traveling with. You can explore the countries with different people and reminiscing the countries that you have been to.

Next Door Deli

For Branding & Identity, I did a re-branding for Next Door Deli. The Project is based on a school theme and it focus on creating a feeling of getting people together to reminisce about the past.

Digital Visual Effect - Microsite

For Studio Project 3, we collaborated with Digital Visual Effect’s students to create a microsite to promote the course.


The Taipei Map is filled with black letter representing the districts that were formally named during the Japanese occupation. Back in the days, as people use Chinese calligraphy, thus I choose the font that is similar.