Hello. I am an aspiring animator and visual developer. I enjoy sewing as a hobby to create characters that I have designed. I also love sports. I also like fluffy stuff and big shirts.

Character Design


2D Animation

3D Animation

3D Modelling

3D Rendering, Lighting & Texturing

Voila! Team Video Project

This is our short for an assignment for school for an event, the French Festival Singapore - Voilah! It required us to create a 3D set up with characters that mixed in elements from the French and Singaporean side of things.

Forest Walk

I had a character's design done during the period of my Internship and Final Year Project 1, which many people seemed to have liked. Although the story changed, I wanted to use her design somehow, which resulted in this illustration.

Trident College, Animation Shorts

I had the opportunity to work the Final Year Students from the Trident College, Japan during my Internship. These are some of the shots that I had animated and had the chance to render out during my stay there.

Cooking Pantomime

This was an Assignment for class that needed us to do a pantomime short based on a scenario that we chose.