Aspiring game programmer.

2D Graphics Programming

3D Graphics Programming

AI Programming

Games Scripting

Mobile Games Programming

Multi Core Programming (PS3/CELL)

GunFu Master

A game created for my final year project, inspired by games such as 'Brawlhalla'. 2 players will versus and knock each other out using weapons or simple melee. Multiple characters with different ultimate to choose from with 4 separate maps to pick.

Ninja By The Desert

A game created which allows players to use items, map interactions and their skills to get to the end of the map to escape the harsh desert surrounded hostile enemies hunting them. Player can play either use stealth or brute force to clear levels.


A game created for mobile assignment. The game teaches players the dangers of the internet via a side scrolling cyber space environment where they are required to dodge hostile internet threats and collect power up orbs to fire projectile or blink.

Ayyylmao Shooter

A game created for my Game Development Techniques assignment. My attempt at making a third-person shooter where players can swap between weapons to shoot down the aliens before they get eaten.