With a passion for learning and creating new things, and having a love for drawing, painting and sculpting, I seek to continuously be able to create and provide creative concepts, ideas and assets for all sorts of engaging creative projects.

Art Direction & Conceptual Art



2D Animation

3D Rendering, Lighting & Texturing

Composition & Post-Production


Khaike was a project done for our Final Year Project, to explore the boundaries of a new game engine; Amazon Lumberyard. Taking place in a Whimsically Oriental world, you play as a boy travelling the world of Khaike and helping strange creatures out.

Masterpiece Mammoth

Winner of IGCC 2016, Masterpiece Mammoth invites you to explore the creative life of a freelance-artist-Mammoth in virtual reality. Made within 2 weeks with an international team consisting of people from Japan, France and Australia.

Brave Frontier: Illustrations and UI

I was attached to gumi Inc for my industry internship. As an art intern there, I provided UI elements, background illustration & animation, cleaning of sprites and promotional banners and icons. On the side, I did QA testing and test cases too.


Independent 3D game project that was made within 3 weeks. Crusade is a simple tactical unit based-MOBA with a range of characters, ranging from deep dark fantasy creatures to futuristic mechs.