Proficient in various programming languages especially C++ and C# and is always keen to improve own abilities. Likes working together as a team and keen on taking on challenges and always striving to be a be a better person and programmer.

2D Graphics Programming

3D Graphics Programming

AI Programming

Games Scripting

Hardware Shaders

Physics Programming

NCMP - Studio Project 3

Studio Project 3 from Year 2 Sem 2. Stealth turn based 2D game with A star pathfinding and the use of raycasting to simulate player character's vision.

NYP 25

NYP 25 is a game which integrates Vuforia image recognition system and GPS services to create an engaging AR experience. The game aims to incentivise NYP students to explore and learn more about the campus, while having fun.

Shader Project

A simple shader project to showcase my experience and proficiency in shader creation.


Typefighter is a game project done during my stay at Digipen USA, clocking about 150 manhours across 3 persons. It is a sprite animation based speed typing game all done with the Windows console and C language.