Passionate about arts & aesthetics, I enjoy illustration very much and do freelance work on the side. (Email me!) Occasionally dabbles in photography. I love to experiment with mixed mediums! In my free time, I sew my own clothes.

Art Direction & Conceptual Art

Character Design

Graphic Design




Personal Illustration : Uwasa (Rumors)

The title is Uwasa, meaning "rumors" in Japanese. A personal illustration I did to print on totebags for art markets. I hope the message gets across!

Halcyon Illustrations

Halcyon Illustrations (now 'halcyn') an online shop where I sell my original illustrations in form of apparel and handmade jewellery. I started it in year one (2015). I also rebranded halcyn as part of my Final Year Project. Visit us via the link!

Kuchisake Onna T-shirt

Kuchisake Onna, a figure of a famous Japanese urban legend. Illustrated for Halcyon and was printed on t-shirts and sold at local art markets. Photography by Delcine Chan (

Children's Book: My Peculiar Friend.

A 8-spread Children's Book I wrote and illustrated for a module. Thought I'd include this to show a very different style of illustration I can do, as well as my colour sense! It was a fun project. I also printed and binded it into a hard-cover book.