I'm Pang Hian. I'm a Motion Designer & Photographer. I am strong in technical aspect in production. I have various work experiences such as photo assistant or digital artist. I also sometime volunteer myself to shoot for events to gain experiences.


2D Animation


Composition & Post-Production

Visual Effects

Motion Graphic

Opening Launch Video for ACI

This client project was to create an opening video launch for the new cooking institute “ Asian Culinary Institute ”. The opening video had to promote their new values and their state of the art facilities. Such as their 5 different state of the art

Suntec's Christmas Greeting on TBP

A collaboration with Suntec city and Nanyang polytechnic, school of interactive and digital media. Christmas Greeting Video on "The Big Picture", the world largest video wall on Guinness World Records.

Blood Donation Process Video

This is a client project for Red Cross Singapore to create an awareness video on the blood donation process. As brief by the client, people always have misunderstanding of blood donation. And this infographic video explain the steps on blood donation

Infographics on Swiss Army Knives

This project was to create an infographics to celebrate victorinox’s innovation on the swiss army knives over the years and the target audience is collectors who collects swiss army knives.