With experience ranging from developing mixed reality game projects to leading large school events, Kah Wei is a game programmer at the forefront of technology with a big respect for software architectural design and interface design.

2D Graphics Programming

3D Graphics Programming

Hardware Shaders

Mobile Games Programming

Multi Core Programming (PS3/CELL)

User Interface Programming

Guardians of Lenni - Local VR Party Game

I led this VR local multiplayer party game project which was designed for Windows PC with the HTC Vive where the VR player aims to destroy the floor beneath the PC players by catching their attacks and returning them to sender.

Crystia - VR Multiplayer Action

Crystia is a VR multiplayer action game designed for Windows PC with the HTC Vive where the VR player uses magic to fight up to 4 other players playing on connected gamepads or even their own smartphones. I was the main VR developer on the game.

Cat Bang

Cat Bang is a 2D co-op dungeon crawler game featuring weapon combos, a level editor and more developed on Unity3D in 2.5 weeks. As the lead programmer of the game, I worked on the game's AI framework, pathfinding systems, player characters and more.

Lone Spectre: Top Down 2D Stealth Action

Lone Spectre is a top down 2D stealth action game built from scratch with C++ and OpenGL in 2.5 weeks. It has a shadow mechanic that lets you jump into shadows and evade enemies! I also wrote a custom 2D grid based lighting system for this game.