Passionate game developer, interested in Virtual Reality(VR) game development. Worked on a VR project during final year project which involved manning a control center.

Games Design

AI Programming

Games Scripting

Mobile Games Programming

Physics Programming

User Interface Programming


KitVendor is a VR game where the player is an illegal components trader, producing components for deadly weapons as well as delivering it to your clients undetected, will you succeed?

Arctopia: Life of Bryan

Meet Bryan, boy-next-door and looking forward to life. Guide Bryan and help him make decisions to get through life. Will Bryan be a straight-As student? A super athlete? An entrepreneur? Decision, decisions, decisions...


Synchronize is an android game made using Java.the player has to match the tiles below it with the same color of itself.

Farm TD

Farm Tower Defense is a OpenGL-based game made using C++ where the player has to protect his pigs against the hideous creatures that would prey on them. Study the map and plant your towers strategically.