Passionate, hardworking and determined, Almeda Glenn seizes opportunities given to him and works well under time constraints to produce quality work.

Games Design

2D Graphics Programming

3D Graphics Programming

Games Scripting

Hardware Shaders

User Interface Programming

HTC Vive VR Game - Madness Within

A final year project developed using Unity Engine. A game developed using a thriller theme, we designed the game carefully and created challenging puzzles that hooked out testers for a good thirty minutes!

IGCC - Madness of the Midguard Serpent

Developed for Samsung VR Gear, the theme is around innovation. We developed a concept around Real Time Strategy in First Person View where you command troops to defeat the enemy in a turn-based-like style. Won 3rd Place in the Games Concept Challenge

Project SoundKrone - A rhythm game

This game is developed using Unity Engine and it was a challenge to create because of the lack of knowledge in sound design and analysis. Using this newfound knowledge, development for indie rhythm games is a possibility.

Studio Project 4 - Overtale

An educational game aimed at children, this project is developed with the intention to challenge children with simple games such as Color Matching and Multiple Choice Questions.