To me, the process of designing as well as coding have been gratifying and fun. With an array of compositions, I am a flexible Interaction Designer capable of visualizing and transforming creative ideas and innovations into realistic inventions.

Graphic Design

Interaction Design


User-Centered Design

Web Design

Web Development

SMARTCare Samsung Solve for tomorrow 15

SMARTCare is to help forgetful and are in need of constant reminders and need to be monitored on a daily basis for the elderly. It comes with the Smart Band, a Smart Pillbox and an in-built Mobile Application that connects to both items.

Revamp Branding - Chock Full Of Beans

This is rebranding of Chock Full Of Beans. I rebrand it from the unique point and make it hipster, stencil art and street art. This is to make the café hip, arty and exciting.


My posters are expressive, creative as well as explosive. As the saying goes, "home is where the heart is", hence homes are the best, definite way to determine and express our characters using Helvetica fonts.

FitBit Care

FitBit Care has the ability to use the app to track the band (Internet Of Things). It will alert the next-of-kin if the heart rate drops, and also provide the time for the elderly to take their medication.