I am passionate to explore and venture on new things in the design industry which allows me to get Involved in projects which would help to discover more about myself with new skills.I would want to learn beyond what i have studied through my diploma

Art Direction & Conceptual Art

Games Design

Graphic Design


Web Design

User Interface Programming

Harley Survey App

An survey application done by me for harley street clinic and all the graphics were created by me using the doctor’s original images and create the character and the staff character with their actual stuff uniforms along with survey questions.


A Re-branding done for creamier ice cream and handcrafted coffee.I did the corporate stationaries,microsite,posters,stickers and their packagings.

Kids Weather App

I did this Weather app specially for kids.I came up with this concept to create something new and fun for the children to use and which would allow them to learn more about weather forecast and how they can dress up for the day.

Indian Festival (Pongal)

It is based on indian festival called "PONGAL" and i have done icons and posters based on it. The based is made up with all the icons created by me representing an visual of an elegant indian girl traditionally dress and holding an oil lamp.