Hi! My name is Joshua. My interests and skills are mostly within the 2D and compositing category.

Character Design



2D Animation

3D Animation

Composition & Post-Production

Motion Capture for Virtual Reality

Saldon of the Arkian race has to find a way to restore the tree of life before any more of his people get taken away by the darkness incarnate, the Skuggas. Character designs done by myself for my Final Year project.

The Travellers Guide

Bruce and Richard Travellers (Father and Son) are avid explorers! And they are keen to explore the various hot-spots in Singapore. "The Travellers Guide" is a series of illustrated GIFs done by myself.

Demo-reel: Compositing

Various compositing works done throughout my 3 years in NYP.

Visual Development: The Red Paladin

The last paladin of the temple has to do whatever it takes to prevent the corrupt from gaining access to the temple's relic. This is a key art done in a visual development module.