A motivated, detail-oriented and hard-working artist. I enjoy texturing and lighting because it gives me a sense of achievement. I like to be in a fast pace working environment as I am able to challenge myself.

Character Design


2D Animation

3D Animation

3D Modelling

3D Rendering, Lighting & Texturing


A scene from "Voila", a short animation that I did texturing and lighting for. It's about a female bird who wants the male's attention.

Children Book Illustration

A children book illustration done by me. It's the final page of the kid finally realizing that money is not as important as he thought.

Flowing Memories

An illustration I did with a concept of an hourglass silhouette. The sand falling of the hourglass shows the passage of time. As we aged, our memories would slowly disappear and flow out of our grip.

Character Design

A character design of a plant that he is at its peak, hence the strong muscles.