Hello, my name is Arif, and I've always thought of games as a higher form of creative arts, aimed to serve the people. I wish to make games that inspire others like the ones that have inspired me. This has been my dream, and will be my future.

Character Design

Games Design

3D Animation

3D Modelling

3D Rendering, Lighting & Texturing


Military Chinook (3D Model and Texture)

This is a PBR rendered model of a modified Chinook for the demo game Iron Fist. It's used as a rescue/attack chopper during the biohazard outbreak in Singapore.

Military 'V22' model Helicopter

This is a PBR rendered model of a Tilt rotor helicopter.This helicopter can rotate its propellers ;vertical to horizontal vice versa,enabling it to hover like a helicopter and fly like an airplane.

Militarized Bio-Hazard Tank

This is a PBR rendered model of a tank that has the upper 'chassis' of a robot.This tank has been militarised to defend against the threat sent to Singapore from an exterior force.

Civilian War Memorial

This is a PBR rendered model of the Singapore civilian war memorial.This is one of the buildings that i modeled for a final year project.