Hello! I am Min Dah, and I am graduating from Nanyang polytehnic very soon. A very enthusiastic explorer, I always look forward to exploring, be it physically or figuratively. I also have a strong interest in outdoor photography.



3D Rendering, Lighting & Texturing


Composition & Post-Production

Visual Effects

Photography - Isolation

A photobook I made for my assignments, this book consists of photos that relate to the topic Solitude/Isolation.

Futuristic Store Fixtures -Opening Video

A client project brought in by the school, aim was to make a 30-second opening video for the company's (Futuristic store fixtures, company that makes store layouts for brands e.g. Nike) new branch opening in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


An external project I did for a musician, I helped her do a shot where she walks past a row of benches, revealing different versions of her. Skillset consisted of Rotoscoping and colour correction.

Image Based Lighting - Lighting Shot

A class assignment for portfolio. In this project, Image Based Lighting skills were put to the test.