Versatile and Passionate in design, eager to make a name in the design industry with my designs. Began with traditional arts and expand skill set in digital art. Adaptable and having an eye for design ensure Excellency in works.

Digital Imaging

Graphic Design


Interaction Design

Web Design

User Interface Programming


An application for easy sharing and searching of chords amongst friends and other guitar lovers.


An Animal origami app. Design with a paper like texture of every element to give the realistic look and feel of an origami paper.

Colours of Haji Lane

This postcards shows the use of Polychromatic colors and Split-Complementary colors to represents the young and colourful side of haji lane. Pictures are took from Haji Lane which then cropped and edited.

Surreal Fairytale

Given two things to mash up 'a Ship' and 'a Hawk' to create a fairytale scene, an idea of creating a surreal scene of the Pinnochio tale where Pinnochio and his father escape from a whale's mouth, this work was developed using photoshop.