I create stories and graphics for people to see what's going on in my head.

Art Direction & Conceptual Art

Broadcast Design



Experimental Film

Motion Graphic

Experimental Film

An experimental film where i was trying to capture the essence of Schizophrenia. How they may hallucinate and live in confusion. The film however is done in a airy and dreamy aesthetic to show that Schizophrenia isn’t as scary as we thought.

FYP- Client Project

A marketing launch video done for a local cosmetic company- Faux Fayc. The video was done in 3D showcasing 4 of the brand’s new products.

Kranji Countryside Association

A stop-mo motion graphic video done to help create awareness to both Kranji Countryside Association and Singapore young farmers. The video focuses on the perception that success is not Monetary and can also come from Passion itself.

FYP- Client Project 2

A marketing video done for a local skincare company, Handmade Heroes to promote their Dry Shampoo.