My aspiration is to become a 3D character animator. My aim in the artist career is to use my skills and dedication, to communicate and create artworks, with the determination to constantly improve my skills to ensure productive performance.

Art Direction & Conceptual Art

3D Animation

3D Modelling

3D Rendering, Lighting & Texturing

Composition & Post-Production

Motion Capture

Dimensional Warp

This art piece showing a bizarre looking environment bathed in the complementary colors of purple and yellow with no boundaries of physical reality. Inspired by the art movement of surrealism, this art piece is created from a vivid imagination.

Cultural Girl

A girl wearing a postmodern cultural satin dress. The drapery design inspired by the cultural movement of European Renaissance period, with a slender flow of the ancient Han dynasty Chinese traditional robe and cursive orange lines of calligraphy.

The Blue Pixie

A Fae happily admiring and observing while pacing around two pots of yellow chrysanthemum plants. As she raises her arms, flowers on the ground starts to bloom. Composited in NukeX, Mocap animation in Motion Builder and modeled in Maya and Zbrush.

Spanish Bathroom

This bathroom that had been scrubbed clean, belongs to a newly bought house of a neat Italian millionaire who appreciates simple Mediterranean styles. The environment is textured in Photoshop, lighting and rendered in Maya and composited in Nuke.