Hi, I am an Interaction Designer. I create graphic designs and build websites. I enjoy creating brand identities, icons and illustration work. I am also capable of physical computing. I aspire to incorporate technology and aesthetic design to art.

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Singapore, a sleep deprived nation.

Singapore is one of the top countries experiencing sleep deprivation. It affects all age groups. I created these illustrations to portray the reasons why Singaporeans are deprived of sleep.

Typicon (Helvetica Nation)

Animal hunting is very common around the world. Endangered animals are killed for materials while some kill for enthusiasm. Using letters from the helvetica typeface, I created this poster to inform people that life is not a game.

Digital imaging for Absolut Vodka

Using tools from Adobe Photoshop, I created two variations of Absolut Vodka posters through digital imaging and editing.

Building Stories - A Design Journal

Conveying to others that a building was created not just for its objective and creating revenue, but the buildings is what creates a city to tell the stories of Singapore and its unique culture showing off the diversity and multi-racial society.