Hi, I'm Celine and I am a happy-go-lucky, cooperative and passionate learner who's always interested in the next big thing. I am one who exhibits a positive outlook in life and I believe that indulging in imagination is what makes a good design.

Graphic Design

Graphical User Interface Design

Interaction Design



Web Design

Publication Design: Type Specimen

I was tasked to design a typographic publication to promote my chosen typeface: Didot. I went with the Red Carpet Awards theme thus this publication showcases snippets of the best dressed and trendy accessories spotted at various Red Carpet Awards.

Typicons: Helvetica Nation

I made use of the typeface 'Helvetica Bold' to create these icons. The theme was 'Carnivals' because I was fond of going there when I was young. These icons represents fun and joy, hopefully it will carry a positive connotation in everyone's minds.

Final Year Project 2

Charitable is a local application that encourages more students to be involved and motivated in volunteering as well as to increase volunteering in Singapore. It reaches out mainly to secondary school students as well as teenagers.


Unlike any regular ice-cream, Coyoro serves Thai-inspired rolled ice cream. It’s literally art, ice cream, fresh fruits, all in its rawest form, coupled with some creativity, crafted fresh off the freezing plate.