Hello! My name is Roghan Lal and I’m 20 years old. I studied in Nanyang Polytechnic and graduated with a diploma from Digital Visual Effects. I have learned and have experience in a number of programs like Maya Autodesk, Houdini & After Effects.


3D Rendering, Lighting & Texturing


Composition & Post-Production

Experimental Film

Visual Effects

Futuristic Store Fixtures Opening Intro

I wanted to do assembly of the shop to show futuristic elements and that the shop is new and this was how it was put together. So this would show the viewers how it was done and have them be attracted to this store.

Photorealism Assignment

For one of our class assignments for the Module, Photorealism, we needed to light and texture a bedroom. So I recreated the room, the way I wanted it to be, lighted and textured it to my ideal bedroom.

School Of Business Management Colab Film

A film of a demon in a chalet room, slowly giving hints that there is a presence in there. The people in the room aren't alone, wanting whoever crossing its path to suffer.

Class Assignment - Day shot

For one of our modules, Photorealism, we needed to place a character/thing/asset into a picture that we took ourselves. So we all went to Marina Bay and I took a picture of my friend provoking 'Shockwave'.