I am an interaction designer who is keen in designing icons, typography and illustration. I'm also passionate about photography and music.




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GAFA: Tease

In our younger years, we often tease one another but it ceased overtime when we grow up. This project hopes to address human's state of mindfulness when both the act of teasing and emotions are involved.

Branding: Tai Parfait

For this assignment, we are tasked to find the issue for a brand that is not well known and rebrand it. The brand that I chose was Tai Parfait, a Japanese dessert shop that serves ice cream with cones in the shape of a fish.

Didot's Time Travel Diary

This assignment was tasked for us to design a typography publication based on a theme that we chose to promote our chosen typeface and I came out with my own storyline for this book. The chosen typeface for this assignment is Didot.

Parallel Universe

I came out with this drawing of showing the parallel universe of present and future through this assignment about one point perspective drawing.