Loud and Quirky. A Motion Graphic Designer who never stop improving myself. I am open to new ideas and I love exploring different mediums in my design.

Art Direction & Conceptual Art

Digital Imaging

Graphic Design

2D Animation

Experimental Film

Motion Graphic

Suntec City Christmas Greetings

2016 Christmas Greetings Video A collaboration with Suntec Convention Centre. Located at the main entrance of Suntec Singapore, the Big Picture is officially recognised as the World's Largest High Definition Video Wall by Guinness World Records.

Collaboration with KCA SIngapore

Local SG. Local Pride. From a tiny red dot that has a lot of potential, we are able to produce the best local food. But as a Singaporean, we do not know where the ingredients in the food come from. Is it even local? How are we supposed to be proud?

Coffee Shop Pangram

Making use of the things we observed in one of the nostalgic Coffeeshop in Singapore, "Heap Seng Leong" to create alphabets from A-Z. Each alphabet has its own meaning, e.g A stands for the Aroma of the Coffee Shop.

Menu Illustration

A Year 2 Illustration project on creating a menu for a Korean Cuisine, "One Fork Two Sticks Kitchen".