I am a team player. I give my best in what i do. I love Music.


3D Rendering, Lighting & Texturing

Audio Creation


Visual Effects

Motion Graphic

Sound Design Reel

This is my Sound Design Work. For the Starting intro, i did it in After effects. For my first work, 50% of the sound were recorded by me using a zoom mic, the rest were all royalty free sounds. I Mixed everything in Audition.

Image Based Lighting - Lighting Shot

This work consist of 2 lighting shots and 1 vfx shots

Hong Kong Signages

This Signages were done during my internship in Lighthouse Evangelism. The project they are working on is the Revelation series. The software i used to do the signages are Houdini and Photoshop.

Futuristic Project

This is an independent project which i work for the client.