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I'm an optimistic and passionate designer who make use of every opportunities to design the best for users.

Graphical User Interface Design


Interaction Design


User-Centered Design

Web Design

Typography: Lights of Life

The poster represents the celebration of "LIGHTS"; Beautiful icons carved from Helvetica Bold font.

Infographics: Accidents are preventable

This website shows the statistics of Road traffic accidents in Singapore. This website contains info-graphics of the statistics to bring awareness of how easy is to prevent accidents.

NO-OLD: An interactive app for elders

“NO-OLD” is an app which targets fully retired elderly around the age 65 to 70 years old. The main objective of this application is to encourage elderly to go out and participate in events and to simulate their mental power.

Branding:Sofra Turkish Cafe & Restaurant

I re-branded the Sofra Turkish Cafe & Restaurant. "Royal" and "Magnificent" are the tone of voice for this branding.