My name is Sho. I do Game Art and mostly game design.

Art Direction & Conceptual Art

Games Design

Graphical User Interface Design

3D Animation

3D Modelling

Audio Creation


It is a Game design with the main objective of infecting living organisms by controlling a desired parasite.

Amethyst - The Pink Heroine

Amethyst is a female superhero, who descend to the word from the space, in a giant pink gem. She has the power of manipulating minerals that exist in the universe

Imperfect - Humans and their tattoos

Imperfect is a pair of digital painting, where its context is about disable people having tattoos in their body. The main purpose of this painting to give a realization that tattoos can be portray in a abstract way.

Oriental - Asian tattoo polypaint

Oriental is a 3d tattoo polypaint in Pixologic Zbrush. Oriental revolves around the japanese tattoo art.