Aspiring artist that loves creating everything from characters to environments to animation and music! Very eager to join and work with many others in the arts industry! Striving to pursue in creating 2D arts and 3D game animations!

Art Direction & Conceptual Art

Character Design

Digital Matte Painting

Games Design


3D Animation


HIVEMIND is a project about an experimental game (video) in which the game play and music depend on each other. It is designed to be an unconventional game which tackles problems arising from society, while using the color yellow as a metaphor.

High Lands

Years after there was destruction on the lands of Earth and only the Royalties who were the rich and had the means to do so, escaped to the lands above in the skies in search for a safe haven.

72 Threads

Themed around the Chinese story of "Journey to the West". A new concept where Sun Wu Kong is the only character and his three followers have been changed into armors, weapons and animals.

Motion Illustration: The Forest

A motion comic of a boy, Mush discovering that he is not who he is and what happens after. Mush lives with his grandfather deep in the poisonous forest where no human dares to enter.