My vision as a designer is to make others inspired through my works just like how I am inspired by other designers that makes me keep going. I hope as a designer, I am able to offer my outmost creative and inspire others as creatively as I could.

Broadcast Design

Graphic Design



Experimental Film

Motion Graphic

IMDA Pixel Studios

Launch Video - For this particular project, I am mostly involved in the 3D Modelling, Final Compositing and Professional Finishing. Alongside 7 other members, we managed to complete the video and enjoyed the beautiful launch of IMDA Pixel Studios.

King's Potong

A project collaboration with F&N Creameries, this project aims to give a new perspective to Potong Ice Cream. With a younger generation target audience, Potong Ice Cream were given an energetic feel to promote the real asian flavours with pride.

Memories @ Old Ford Factory

A permanent exhibition at the Syonan Gallery (previously known as Memories @ Old Ford Factory). The Sook Ching Experience depicts a 10 minute clip of the oral history account during the war. This was done when I was having internship.

Enigma (A Short Film)

A Short Film of an adventurous girl who explores a mysterious place only to fill herself with fear. I work on this project as one of the compositor and visual effects artist alongside 5 other classmates for our assignment.