Hi, I am an amateur game designer and programmer. Here are some of my works and feel free to contact me if you wish to inquire more about me!

Games Design


2D Graphics Programming

AI Programming

Games Scripting

Multi Core Programming (PS3/CELL)

Studio Project 4 - Chiko

A Studio Project that i have done in Year 3. It is a 3D android game where the player controls Chikos (pets) and go on missions to save the other Chikos. Players can also purchase and do online trading with other players.

Final Year Project 2 - Crib Chaos

This is a simple game that is an "endless" typing game where the player has to type in the required words and defeat the monster to move on to the next stage.

Studio Project 3 - Lone Spectre

This is a simple studio project i have done in Year 2. It is an isometric 2D game, where you perform stealth mission of retrieving documents and sabotage. While hiding from enemies and using your shadow powers to control, avoid and teleport.