Think. Create. Play. I aspire to make games that inspire people to play games, whether it be through programming or through game design. In an industry where learning and work never stops, I continue to gain experience wherever I go.

AI Programming

Games Scripting

Mobile Games Programming

Physics Programming

User Interface Programming


This was the project I worked on for my overseas internship programme, 3 months at ISD RUBIKA France. It was the first time I worked in an environment where everything was foreign. I met new friends and I also learned a lot during my time there.

Monster Mash

For my Final Year Project this was the project I worked on. It was intentionally made for PC and Android platform. A killing monster simulation game where the objective is to kill as many of them as possible with various items.

Singapure Isle

This was the project I worked on for Studio Project 4. It was inspired by the game Triple Town but with a Singaporean Twist to it.

HooDoodle Rescue

This game is a personal project which was also used for my Final Year Project Minor which I continued to improve it after school ended. All the assets in the game were made by me and it'll be available on the Google PlayStore!