My name is Vishnu. I am an Interaction Designer. I am very fluid when it comes to work and am able to adapt as and where I am needed to. I show diligence in the various works I do and I have a strong passion for designing for users.

Graphic Design

Graphical User Interface Design

Interaction Design


User-Centered Design

Web Design

Gotham City

Gotham City is a typography project done to show how the "Gotham Font" can be used in various ways.

The Lab - Dine With Madness

The Lab is a Branding and Identity project. It is done by rebranding the Lab Cafe in Singapore. It is rebranded to bring out the crazy element of the brand.

Driverless Car User Interface

A project for Continental where a concept for a fully driverless car of the future was thought of. This shows a fully touchscreen UI in the future.

Evolution of Virtual Reality

Evolution of Virtual Reality shows you Virtual Reality over the years and what they have been used for before.