I specialize in 2D illustration and Character design. I love to create characters and make illustrations of them. During my free time, I would do fan art of my favorite comic book/anime characters.

Art Direction & Conceptual Art

Character Design

Games Design


3D Modelling

3D Rendering, Lighting & Texturing


Bandung is an original character I created. She travels around the world on her roller skates and she carries a suitcase along with her.

Matoi Ryuko fan art

The process of creating a fan art piece of Matoi Ryuko from the series "Kill La Kill".

Charlie the corgi

Charlie is a character created as a persona of me, he has a yellow hoodie and aviator goggles.

Ray the runic warrior

Ray is a warrior who uses magic to empower her sword abilities. Her mission is to collect runes from her world to fully empower her sword.