Hello! I'm Hoon Jie Ling, an aspiring 3D Artist. Throughout my course of study, I've developed a deep passion for the creation of 3D art and innovation. This passion has always motivated me to push my limits and to improve myself as an artist.

Character Design

3D Animation

3D Modelling

3D Rendering, Lighting & Texturing

Figure Sculpture


Kaley Kosta - Game Res Character

3D Game-ready character. A mixture of Marvelous Designer and ZBrush were used for the high-res model. A low-poly version was then made in Maya. It was then baked and textured in Substance Painter and rendered in Marmoset.

Kitchen - 3D Game-res Environment

A game-res 3D environment. I referenced my own home's kitchen for this project. Zbrush and Maya were used to model the assets which were then brought into substance painter for texturing. Unreal Engine was used for the materials and lighting setup.

GR-003 Gorilla Cyborg - Game-Res

A game-ready 3D character that was modeled in Maya and ZBrush. Substance painter was used for the texturing process. This was then imported into Unreal Engine for the final beauty shot.

Popo The Chef - Sculpt

A charming dwarf with a passion for cooking. This is a high-res sculpt conjured from the toasty ovens of ZBrush.