"The world is built on knowledge and shaped by design." -me 2012. To me, design is the anchor of my art and Photoshop, along with Illustrator, are the means by which I express myself.

Art Direction & Conceptual Art

Character Design

Digital Imaging


2D Animation

Composition & Post-Production

Library Labyrinth

"A world where immersed in the beauty of stories and knowledge" The concept for a library that is ever-changing much like the labyrinth in the book series, 'Percy Jackson'.

Pieces Around Us

Pieces around us is a short story revolving around two fathers who are confronted by their inner evils and the effects it has on the people close to them.

African birds themed costumes

These costumes were designed for a children's play with an African setting. The birds were designed as background characters for the play amongst many others such as the chimpanzees, the gazelles and the zebras.

Sign and Poster Compositing

Compositing in The Foundry Nuke mainly to demonstrate my knowledge of the software and its various tools.