Hi I'm Fang Shu. I studied in Nanyang Polytechnic in the course Game Development & Technology. I have a passion for game development, with over 2 years of C++ experience and 1 year of C# experience.

2D Graphics Programming

3D Graphics Programming

AI Programming

Games Scripting

Mobile Games Programming

Multi Core Programming (PS3/CELL)

Cyro Quest

Cyro Quest is an educational game focused on educating children about cyber security through the Story mode. The Arcade mode creates a challenge for those who are ready to protect themselves from the dangers of the Internet.


CatBang is a dungeon exploration game where the player has to control 2 characters simultaneously to clear the levels.

Lone Spectre

Lone Spectre is a stealth game where players control a character that is able to hide in shadows. The main objective of the game is the escape and avoid the guards. Light is not always a good thing!

Simple Asteroid

Simple 2D game with 2D physics collision