I am a graphic designer motivated and passionate by art and people around me. I also have other interests such as illustrations and photography.

Graphic Design



User-Centered Design

2643km Apart

Though Singapore and Guangzhou students were 2643km apart geographically, we hoped to let audience to have a peep into human’s self, ego and superego in fantasy, surreal and reality respectively through this installation.

Glimpses of Life

My best friend and I had been friends over a decade and it was one of the most cherished relationships I had. This book depicted a glimpse of our memories to remember the days and fun we spent being since kids to teenagers.

Portraits of Life

This was my love letter to my family and friends who had supported me to start on digital drawings. There was a heavy emphasis on portraits with smiley faces as that was what keeps me to continue drawing.


Depression was what most people faced these days. Hence this illustration portrayed a girl who was crying and started to imagine negative things surrounding her which most people had depression experienced.