I'm, as how I'd like to see myself as, a Work In Progress. And quite frankly, I don't think there'll ever come a time where I'd be able to describe myself as "completed and refined". And that goes for the skill sets that I have too- WIP.

2D Animation


Composition & Post-Production

Experimental Film

Visual Effects

Motion Graphic

An Experimental, Allegory of the Puppet

An experimental short film. You are so used to the oppression of the society and culture that is being controlled by “the puppeteer”, that once you managed to escape, you came back because you feel a disturbingly sense of comfort in being oppressed.

Bossaball, Sweat the Stress

A short video promo for a new and exciting sport called Bossaball. Students often feel stressed out with school work and exams, and what better way to release all of that than by having fun.

Pixel Studios Launch Video

Pixel Studios is a facility that provides resources, training and more collaboration opportunities, to spur the next generation of digital content creators and media professionals to explore innovative ways of content creation and storytelling.

Tim Burton's Frankenweenie

I love Tim Burton's movies as they are always so dark and gothic yet a little quirky. I decided to use one of his movie's still to play around in After Effects, to make it "come to life".