Hello! I am Nur Humairah. Graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic with a diploma in Motion Graphics and Broadcast Design. I have a passion in photography and I enjoy exploring and experimenting with different ways to continuously develop my skills.

Digital Imaging

Graphic Design


2D Animation


Motion Graphic

Enigmatic from IRAH on Vimeo.


A video that demonstrates unique creativity through playfulness experiments and explorations of different physical mediums.

Cesspit Kuffling Music Video

We collaborated with a local singaporean band, Cesspit, to produce a music video for one of their song called “Kuffling”.

How Well Do You Know Singapore?

A promotional video in collaboration with Kranji Countryside Association & Singapore Young Farmers to raise awareness & promote local agriculture to youths. We did a social experiment test to find out how well Singaporeans know about the countryside.

SK Jewellery Dancing Diamond Catalogue

A printed catalogue brochure of SK Jewellery Dancing Diamond collection, featuring diamonds that dance eternally to the beat of your heart. This catalogue features the different unique pendants and information of them.