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(Infographic) The Big Byte

An infographic on the condensed history of the internet. From it’s humble inception to the current day juggernaut it is today, each decade of it's journey highlights the crucial statistics that aids in it's growth.

(Infographic) Hammer and Sickle

An information graphic on an the rise and fall of Communism in Russia. From violent beginnings to it's downfall, the infographic depicts the highlights of the ideology in chronological order.

(App) Histrail Malay Heritage

A mockup for an app for a History Trail. (Histrail) Designated spots all around Arab Street portray the progress the surrounding areas had made over the years, by allowing users to change their environment, virtually, through the app.

(Infographic) Survival Water: 101

A wordless infographic on the steps to collecting potable water in the wild.