My name is Kenneth Chan, and my personal aim in this field is to create games that break the stereotype. I want to create games with a quality that embodies the fundementals of design, art and creativity.

Character Design

Games Design

3D Animation

3D Modelling

3D Rendering, Lighting & Texturing


Celsius Game Demo (Final Year Project)

Celsius is a puzzle/action game based on careful planning, alongside precision making. I did the environment texturing,(Normals and PBR), rendering and lighting. I also did the models, textures, rig and animation for both human characters.

Into The Fridge: Game Prototype

Into the Fridge is an first person action thriller game where you play as a mischievious mouse who attempts to break into the fridge. This is done with the use of contraptions created using various household items that are collected.

The Blob: Comicon Model

This was a project done for Comicon Challenge 2016, where we were supposed to take a pre-existing comic book character and redesigning it to become zombified.

Sci-Fi Base Concept Art

A school assignment depicting a sci-fi military outpost atop the Himalayas. In depth research and texture sourcing was carried out before doing some thumbnail sketches. From there, 3D blocking was carried out in Maya, followed by final render in PSD