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Brandon Tan is a programmer that channels his passion for games into his work. With experience gained from a recent internship at SideFX Asia Pacific, He is able to enhance his game making skills by including models and its animations into his games.

AI Programming

Games Scripting

Mobile Games Programming

Multi Core Programming (PS3/CELL)

Physics Programming

User Interface Programming

FYP - Guardians of LennĂ¯

Guardians of LennĂ¯ is a HTC-Vive multiplayer game where Up to 4 PC Players can fight to defend their village from a giant VR Player.

Studio Project 3 - Ninja By The Desert

Ninja By The Desert is a Top-down stealth game made during my Studio Project 3 where players play as thief who sneaks pass enemies to steal jewels and ancient scroll in the desert.

Studio Project 4 - GraphiCross

GraphiCross is a Puzzle game made during my Studio Project 4 where Players play to escape each level within a set amount of step while trying to collect keys to unlock the next level.

Internship - Basic Crowd Simulation

A simple road type crowd simulation done using models form Houdini and the navigation system in Unity while I was interning in SideFX Asia Pacifc