My name is Clarissa Jean and I'm a motion graphic designer. I've had experience with clients and done some rad work together with them. I love telling stories through my work and sharing it with others.

Broadcast Design




Experimental Film

Motion Graphic

Interstellar Persona Typography

We were tasked to choose a movie and interpret a whole new set of persona typography. We used various elements like hands and objects from the movie.

Kranji Countryside Assosciation

This video was produced for The Kranji Countryside Assosciation farmer's market to raise awareness about locally grown food. We used advanced lighting and lenses to achieve a sophiscated look and brand.

End of the World

An assignment to highlight the importance of lighting in cinematography. We used various lighting techniques to highlight the emotional rollercoaster of a teenage girl.

The Hit Factory

I had to source my own client and found that the Hit Factory Singapore was in need of exposure. I went to take shots of various programmes and complimented the film with frame by frame animations.