Hello! I am an aspiring illustrator who specializes in general 2D, with a strong love for tea and music, and enjoys the sound of crunching dried-up leaves.

Art Direction & Conceptual Art

Character Design

Graphic Design


2D Animation

Motion Graphic

Sonia's Wings - Brilliant Forest

This is a page from my Children's Book Illustration, Sonia's Wings. The place is called the Brilliant Forest, home to many little fairies.

Sonia's Wings - Thorn Path

This is also a page from my Children's Book Illustration. This is where Sonia has to endure the sharp, thorny pathway to reach where she wants to go.

Autumn Day

I wanted to show the beauty of autumn through lots of oranges hues.

Sunset Date

A romantic date on a flying jet-pack when the sun is setting, is every (maybe) girl's dream.