I view my world as an exciting life-long television series, seeing myself as the main character in it who lives his life enthusiastically in each episode, one at a time.



Composition & Post-Production

Experimental Film

Motion Graphic

the Kok Hao showreel 17

A compilation of works I have done.

National Day Parade 2016

An incredible journey through Singapore's history dating back from 1819 to 2016 was shown through the second part of Act 2 in the National Day Parade 2016.

The Sembawang Spirit

A photography series featuring the people residing in Sembawang Zone E RC and how the neighbourhood defines itself through the "kampung spirit". It explores what makes the neighbourhood unique not only to me and the residents as well.

How Well Do You Know Singapore?

A collaboration with Kranji Countryside Association and Singapore Young Farmers. A social experiment created to test Singaporeans on the streets their ability to recognise locations in Singapore, in order to raise awareness about Kranji Countryside.