An enthusiastic VFX artist who aspires to become a Motion Graphic artist/Compositor. I can be really focused and innovative when doing my work. I am also an organized person who loves to do her work in a neat and orderly fashion.

Graphic Design


Composition & Post-Production

Visual Effects

Motion Graphic


A lamp that is 'alive' is now disturbing someone to get some attention! I rigged, animated and lighted up the model, then I composited it into the video.

A Small Friend

A small robot interacting. I rigged, animated and lighted it up follow up with some final touches during compositing stage to blend in with the video.

Dodge it!

Testing out it's power by lifting up a rock into the air and throws it as it's own clone. I lighted up the rock, and also did the roto for the clone and the rock during compositing stage.

Not Available On App Store

I took some photos for my theme 'Not Available On App Store' to show that despite so many people are using the app store on their devices to have their own fun, there are still many things that can't be found in the app store as well.