Hi, I am a Interaction designer. I like to work with physical computing and graphic design. I am also capable of building front end web pages.

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Building Stories - A Design Journal

Conveying to others that a building was created not just for its objective and creating revenue, but the buildings is what creates a city to tell the stories of Singapore and its unique culture showing off the diversity and multi-racial society.

Typicon - Helvetica Nation

Each individual icons are created by using Helvetica typeface letters. The theme was on pest, thus each icon represent a pest ranging those from household to farm pests. The poster is to show that these pest can get deadly.

Gear VR User Interface

The purpose of this project is to create an intuitive user interface that fits well into the Samsung virtual home ecosystem and provide a good user experience in the virtual environment.

Internet of things

Wooper is a internet of things project. It’s purpose is to help parents of a new born to keep track of their baby’s stool. It records the timing when the baby poo or pee to and also signals to the parents through the app installed to their phone.