A 2D Artist that specializes in art from simple to realistic, character design to environment art, in both traditional and digital styles. Other skill set includes creating mostly 2D assets, video editing and manga drawing.

Art Direction & Conceptual Art

Character Design

Games Design

Graphical User Interface Design



Mecha Angel

An illustration of an angel that is not fully angel, but is part machine.

One-shot manga: Eternal Flame

A 88 pages one-shot manga done as a part of Final Year Project 2. This is a a story about a thousand year fate haunting the hero who has to save the world from a dangerous flame.

Lolipop explosion

Nothing taste better than destroying your enemies and enjoying your lolipop

Apocalyptic Invasion

An environment digital painting done using Maya to build the 3d space, and Photoshop to paint over the models. Photo-bashing is also used for this project.