My hobbies are mostly gaming related, so I am confident in game testing as I mostly know what to look out for when finding bugs in a game, which also allows me to be careful about potential bugs when I program my games.

3D Graphics Programming

AI Programming

Games Scripting

Mobile Games Programming

Physics Programming

User Interface Programming

Physics Assignment 2

This is a physics game involving pool, this is where I learned how to do collision checks with two objects. This physics assignment helped me better understand the workings of collision detection.

Advanced Computer Graphics

In AComGraphics I learned how matrices work! :D

Studio Project 4

In my Studio Project 4 I did the audio, UI and AI movement of the enemy "Merlions" that spawns and moves randomly in the tiles to obstruct the player.

Final Year Project Minor

This is a horror arcade style game made by me in unity, it is inspired by pac-man but with a horror twist. Come and play my game during FUSION17 ;)