I am keen to learn more on game design and computer graphics for Games. I also like to play a wide variety of game genres such as Open World, RPG, Turn-Based, and etc.

Games Design

3D Graphics Programming

Games Scripting

Mobile Games Programming

Multi Core Programming (PS3/CELL)

Physics Programming

2D Spaceship Shooter

A 2D Spaceship Shooter game that focuses on Physics Programming such as Momentum, Velocity.

Jin's Fusion'17 Projects

A compilation of the projects I have done by myself and my team.

Final Year Project 2

A Final Year Project done by a team of two. This is a 3D Game where players are suppose to throw rubbish into the bins, to learn that having rubbish around will cause pollution.

Tetris Game Project

A simple 2D Tetris game that was created together as a team.